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Agnieszka Plejewska’s law firm was established as a legal counsel’s office in 1998 by Agnieszka Plejewska. Agnieszka Plejewska graduated with a Master of Laws degree  from  the University of Gdansk. She was registered in  the Gdansk Chamber of Legal Advisors  in 1997 and afterwards in the Gdansk Bar Association in 2004.
She is also an alumnus of postgraduate course on copyrights and related laws, , unfair competition and industrial property at the Jagiellonian University of Cracow. Moreover, Agnieszka Plejewska graduated from the postgraduate course on public commissions  at the University of Warsaw.

As a member of the Gdansk Bar Association she has eligibility   of attorney to act in cases  in common courts all over Poland, file  final appeals or  complaints in the Supreme Court, file  final appeals in the Supreme Administrative Court, file  constitutional claims in Polish Constitutional Tribunal and bring in  claims  to the European Human Rights Court in  Strasburg.

We offer   professional prompt  services in specialist areas of law. Our law firm is prepared to provide legal services for enterprises of various structures and legal forms as well as for individuals. The key issue in efficient representation of our clients’   interests and consequently  their  satisfaction, is our individual approach to each of the cases.


Among our clients there are some    key companies and public sector entities in Tri-City. We have provided them with legal services on the basis of both  long-term cooperation   and single commissions. Many years of practice have enabled   us to gain necessary and comprehensive legal experience, which along with   our professional expertise  and constantly extended specialist knowledge enables to offer  legal services  at the highest level. Not only effectiveness, but also adherence to  ethical principles towards our clients are  significant to  us. Nowadays local and foreign entrepreneurs, companies, associations and individuals are serviced by our law firm.
To provide efficient and comprehensive legal services  to  our clients, we cooperate with a debt collection  company,  notary’s office, tax consulting office and sworn translator’s office.
We conduct  many litigations, on behalf of our clients, in scope of civil law (damages, medical malpractice, transport accidents, regaining real estate, payment default cases). We also deal with issues related to commercial  law, family law and criminal law.
Our wide experience connected with providing legal services to auxiliary enterprise of prime minister chancellery and Warsaw city council entails our specialization in public commissions.
Thanks to our experience resulting from servicing the Auxiliary Centre in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the Warsaw City Council we also specialize in the law of public commissions.
Our law firm provides legal services in English, German and French. We strive to make our clients fully pleased. In the interest of our clients, we conduct  fair and reliable legal analyses of presented problems and estimate chances of reaching desirable result. Our law firm actively cooperates with clients in each entrusted case.

In our services we abide by:

  • Reliability, honesty, loyalty
  • Absolute commitment  and professionalism
  • Quick intervention in cases demanding immediate actions
  • Strictly obeying legal profession secret
  • Running a law firm with observance of  code of conduct established by the Bar Association  (public trust  profession)


Online counseling

reliable and confidential solution to problems

The law firm also offers you counseling online.

You get quick, reliable and confidential solution to your problem  with the use of   “online counseling”.