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Inheritance law


The law firm also provides services connected with  inheritance proceedings.

We counsel  mainly in cases such as :

  • ascertainment of acquisition of the estate of the deceased person
  • inheritance division agreement and securing inheritances
  • last will and testament cases
  • reserved portion cases
  • donation and inheritance taxes
  • ineligible heirs’ cases and disinheritance cases

In our services we abide by:

  • Reliability, honesty, loyalty
  • Absolute commitment  and professionalism
  • Quick intervention in cases demanding immediate actions
  • Strictly obeying legal profession secret
  • Running a law firm with observance of  code of conduct established by the Bar Association  (public trust  profession)


Online counseling

reliable and confidential solution to problems

The law firm also offers you counseling online.

You get quick, reliable and confidential solution to your problem  with the use of   “online counseling”.