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Labour and employment law


  • legal help with pursuing claims towards  employers : work reinstatement, damages, getting or correction of certificate of employment, claims for payment due to groundless dismissal
  • representing employers and employees in   court proceedings
  • representing clients in disputes  with social insurance bodies

We counsel entrepreneurs in all cases connected with  labour and employment law

  • creating internal acts related to labour and employment work : rules of work, remuneration, ex gratia payments, etc.
  • drafting  employment contracts (also with non-competition clauses)
  • drafting  dismissal notices
  • drafting justifications of imposed penalty for breach of order
  • preparing  settlements between employers and employees
  • making legal opinions related to employment, labour law and social security

In our services we abide by:

  • Reliability, honesty, loyalty
  • Absolute commitment  and professionalism
  • Quick intervention in cases demanding immediate actions
  • Strictly obeying legal profession secret
  • Running a law firm with observance of  code of conduct established by the Bar Association  (public trust  profession)


Online counseling

reliable and confidential solution to problems

The law firm also offers you counseling online.

You get quick, reliable and confidential solution to your problem  with the use of   “online counseling”.