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Real estate law


  • conducting title search of real estate, analyzing land and mortgage register including analysis of possible risks, charges, potential limitations and compensation claims
  • analyzing and drafting up appeals against land development conditions
  • help with concluding all kinds of  real estate contracts
  • legal services connected with  administrative proceedings and obtaining all necessary decisions in construction investments
  • counseling and drafting civil contracts, necessary in cases connected with purchasing, selling real estate, perpetual usufruct rights, real estate shares,  preliminary agreements and all other agreements which are essential for preparing effective investment process
  •  legal services and client’s representation while negotiating and concluding agreements with all parties to  construction projects, architects, contractors, purchasers, insurance agencies
  •  Activities related to regulation of real estate legal status – joint ownership abrogation proceedings, inheritance ascertainment proceedings, acquisition  of possession by usucaption, real estate register proceedings, etc.
  • We deal with    housing lease and providing legal services to  housing cooperatives
  • We search for real estate  at the request of clients
  • We provide legal services to foreigners who plan to purchase real estate in Poland
  •  We  deal with restitution of expropriated real estate taken away from owners under the Bierut’s decree and PKWN’s decree, the real estate which has been  taken away because of abrogation of the joint ownership, real estate register cases,    real estate title search , counseling in concluding tenancy agreements and evictions


In our services we abide by:

  • Reliability, honesty, loyalty
  • Absolute commitment  and professionalism
  • Quick intervention in cases demanding immediate actions
  • Strictly obeying legal profession secret
  • Running a law firm with observance of  code of conduct established by the Bar Association  (public trust  profession)


Online counseling

reliable and confidential solution to problems

The law firm also offers you counseling online.

You get quick, reliable and confidential solution to your problem  with the use of   “online counseling”.