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Civil Law


Our law firm helps clients with issues connected with  civil law in broad sense. Our services are (inter alia) :

  • Legal counseling
  • Drafting legal opinions
  • Legal consultations  and client’s representation at every stage of civil procedure (both at the court and out-of-court)
  • Drafting summons, motions, pleadings, complaints and appeals
  • Representing clients before common courts

Our law firm offers:

  • preparing, negotiating and verifying  the following drafts of contracts  : contract of sale, tenancy agreement, lending agreement, agency contract, commission contracts, mandates, contracts of specified work, construction work agreement, sale on commission contracts, credit agreement, insurance agreements, leasing agreements, contracts of cession, transfer agreement, debt seizure agreement, etc.
  • solving issues connected with agreements, breaching the contracts, warranty disputes, inconsistency of goods received and specified in agreement, contractual punishments, actiones Pauliana and  pursuing arrears claims
  • running litigations connected with donation and annuity contracts
  • legal assistance connected with real estate cases : purchasing real estates, protective claims, easements, establishing and abolishing joint ownership and usucaption, counseling in drafting agreements connected with real estate management, counseling in cases related to premises, fiduciary purchase of real estate, counseling in securing real estate
  • legal assistance connected with  travel law  - breaching the contract by a travel agency – we help to  get redress for wasted holidays
  • damages

We run litigations against insurance companies  - property damages, health impairments, damages for incurred  grievance, pensions caused by completely or partly losing working ability cases. We  collect documents, which are necessary to bring an action  in ‘insurance cases’, negotiating amounts of damages and redress with insurers  in loss adjustment proceedings against insurance companies  and before common courts.
We also conduct  insurance litigations against the State Treasury, other legal entities and individuals.

Our law firm offers representation and legal counseling in such insurance cases as:

  • dangerous product liability
  • property damage liability
  • personal damage liability
  • medical damage liability
  • work-accident damage liability
  • traffic accidents damage liability
  • tortious acts liability
  • claims connected with insurance agreements, infringement of personal interests and infringement of copyrights


In our services we abide by:

  • Reliability, honesty, loyalty
  • Absolute commitment  and professionalism
  • Quick intervention in cases demanding immediate actions
  • Strictly obeying legal profession secret
  • Running a law firm with observance of  code of conduct established by the Bar Association  (public trust  profession)


Online counseling

reliable and confidential solution to problems

The law firm also offers you counseling online.

You get quick, reliable and confidential solution to your problem  with the use of   “online counseling”.