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About us

We provide comprehensive legal services to  individual and corporate clients   in many areas  of business , due to our long-term professional experience.
We offer  different forms of legal assistance adjusted to your needs and provide  services on the base of permanent or single contracts. Our offer includes  preparing legal opinions, legal counseling , participation in commercial negotiations, drafting agreements, representation of clients’ interests in  courts of all instances, before the Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court, in execution  proceedings and before authorities.

We guarantee our clients convenient form of communication  – private meetings in our law firm, in client’s office,  phone consultations, online counseling. We also commute to our client’s home when there is no  possibility to meet us  in our law firm.

We  provide legal assistance all over  Poland.



It is important for us to clearly arrange costs, so as not to cause our client surprise at any stage of the case. We make sure that the cost calculation is clear to our clients, who can be certain there will not be any hidden costs while the case is proceeded.
Remuneration for conducting a case is negotiated with client individually. Character of case, its  complexity , amount of work involved  and deadlines  are always considered.

There are two main payment settling  systems

  • The lump sum system – the remuneration is determined by setting a specified amount of money in advance. It is used in cases when it is possible to approximately determine a scope of work and time length.
  • The time-calculation system – remuneration depends on amount of time  spent  on a commission. It is mainly applied in cases of  long-term service contracts  and when it is not possible to determine a scope of ordered work beforehand.

The remuneration is payable in advance although it is possible to spread it into instalments.

There  is also a possibility of mixing the lump sum system and the time-calculation system. The success fee (only in complicated cases) depends on a final outcome and degree of case  complexity .


Legal counsels

The cost of granted legal counsel is usually set in advance according to the level of legal issue complexity. The client gets  the information about current fees  on the phone or by email.  

Pleadings and contracts

The cost of  drafting up a standard pleading is calculated  beforehand. It depends on case complexity  and  time in which the document should be prepared. If analyzing court records at the court is necessary for drafting a document, we charge an extra fee for working outside the law firm.

Remuneration for drafting or analyzing the agreement is calculated  individually – it depends on a degree of case complexity  and specified deadline. The client gets  the information about current costs of drafting an agreement or pleadings on the phone or by email.

Internships and cooperation

We are a constantly developing  law firm . Our team consists of qualified specialists. As we strive to expand our offer and competences we are interested in  Due to   cooperation with new people.

 For many years our law firm has been cooperating  with  students of law and  interns.

We accept  students for summer (and non-summer) internships. Our law firm is open  to young, ambitious and reliable lawyers who want to extend their knowledge.

If you are interested in cooperation or internship , please send us your CV and application letter. In case  presented qualifications and skills meet our requirements , we will contact  selected  applicants. .

Please send an application letter and CV at: plejewska @post.pl with postscript “CV”.


Activity in the European Union

We cooperate with businesses which are engaged in obtaining  financial means from the European Union.
We also have  large experience in acting before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg.